Sunday, March 07, 2010

MI: Boy Suspended in Kindergarten Gun Incident

(Ionia, Michigan) School officials took immediate action after discovering a 6-year-old boy playing around with a gun.
But when Mason Jammer, a kindergarten student at Jefferson Elementary in Ionia, curled his fist into the shape of a gun Wednesday and pointed it at another student, school officials said it was no laughing matter.

They suspended Mason until Friday, saying the behavior made other students uncomfortable, said Erin Jammer, Mason's mother.

School officials allege Mason had displayed this kind of behavior for several months, despite numerous warnings.

"I do think it's too harsh for a six-year-old," said Jammer, who was previously warned that if Mason continued the practice he would be suspended. "He's six and he just likes to play."
Heh. The school officials overreacted in my estimation.

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