Wednesday, March 31, 2010

GA: Homeowner Used "Self Defense" Against Intruders: "Rossville police tell NewsChannel 9 they will not charge Gary Anderson. Investigators say Anderson caught the two suspected thieves "in the act." The lead detective says Anderson actually saw one of the intruders with his "computer in his hands." Officers sorted out the details early Monday evening. Anderson shot Marvin DeWayne Wallace [above] after he found him and Andre Jenkins trying to steal a computer and jewelry, according to police. Public Safety Director Sid Adams said, "At this point in time I don't see any reason or anything that indicates he (Anderson) did anything wrong." The 43 year old Jenkins ran, but police later caught him. And NewsChannel 9 confirmed he just got out of Silverdale for aggravated assault exactly one week before this crime. And Wallace also has a lengthy criminal history, including attempted murder."

Off-duty cop at home shoots burglar: "An off-duty Chicago police officer shot a burglar who broke into his South Side residence this morning, law enforcement sources said. The officer, who was inside the home when burglars entered the house in the 7600 block of South Vernon Avenue about 9 a.m., shot one of the suspects, the sources said. Shortly after the shooting, a man with a gunshot wound went to St. Bernard Hospital, and detectives were working this morning to confirm whether that man was the burglar who broke into the officer's home."

SAF helps spearhead new international group to protect civilian arms rights: "The Second Amendment Foundation is delighted to be part of a new and growing international organization whose goal is the protection of firearms rights for private citizens. The International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights (IAPCAR) met last week in Nuremberg, Germany. Gun rights organizations and activists from several countries, including Sweden, Norway, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy and the United States attended. The group’s official slogan is ‘Liberty and Security.’”

AZ: No permit, no problem: "State senators voted Tuesday to let anyone who can legally have a weapon carry it beneath a jacket, in a purse or otherwise hidden. SB 1108 would eliminate all the penalties that now exist when someone has a concealed weapon without first getting a state permit. That permit requires the holder to attend a training class, which covers everything from the laws on when people can use deadly physical force to proving the person actually can handle the weapon. It also requires a background check. The bill requires a final roll-call vote before going to the House. Current state law allows virtually all adults to have loaded weapons as long as they are visible. Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, said that law is of little help to many. He said that especially includes women who may want a gun to protect themselves but don't particularly want to strap a holster over a dress."

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