Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ohio: Soon-to-be Marine Fires At Intruder: "A local man fights to protect his home from an intruder who breaks in, in the middle of the night. The Delhi Township man grabbed his gun – and fired two shots at the intruder. The burglar broke into his home off Hillside Avenue early Monday morning. Local 12’s Shawn Ley spoke with the homeowner who was fighting for his safety, just before he leaves to fight for our country. Kevin Boyle- “I came around the corner and looked down and saw my door was open.” And that’s when Boyle came face to face with every homeowners fear:an intruder, in his home in the middle of the night. That burglar thought he found the perfect place to rob. Boyle’s home at the end of a steep, private drive – no one around to see or hear him break in. But Boyle was home. And his powerful .45 caliber handgun was right nearby. “I kind of crouched down like this, I was against the wall … I was looking around and I saw the guy right here. I told him not to move and he reached around and pulled out what looked exactly like a gun, he started bringing it up. I fired two rounds as I was running back to get behind the wall for cover and called the cops.” Shots at such close range by such a powerful weapon, it’s hard to believe the burglar wasn’t hit – if he had, a shot from this gun would have done serious damage, perhaps even killed him."

KY: Stabbing Victim Shoots attacker: "Vaughn begins his physical and emotional recovery just one day after he says his neighbor -- Rickie Mosgrove-- tried to kill him with a knife. Vaughn says his neighbor's daughter came to his house for help Saturday night and Mosgrove followed. "He approached the property and wanted to talk and when he came on the property he brought out a knife and we wrestled to the ground," said Vaughn. That's when Vaughn says he pulled out his gun in self defense. Mosgrove and Vaughn both ended up going to the hospital. "I've got 26, 27 staples in the back of my neck stab in the front and a stab wound in the chest," said Vaughn. Mosgrove was treated in Lexington for a gunshot wound to the leg and then taken to jail where, according to the jail's web site, he's charged with assault and murder. The murder charge is expected to be amended to a lesser charge in court."

TX: Invader and defenders all die: "Three men died in a shootout during a robbery late Sunday night in southwest Houston. The shooting occurred at an apartment complex in the 7700 block of West Airport about 10 p.m., Houston police said. Killed were Marcus Dwayne Whitaker, 33; Patrick D. Sims, 28; of Houston; and Jeffrey Luis Chaney Jr., 25, of Rosharon. Investigators said that Whitaker held a gun on Chaney as they were outside Sims’ apartment. When Whitaker forced Chaney, Sims’ friend, inside the front door at gunpoint, Sims grabbed a gun and gunfire erupted. Sims shot Whitaker but Whitaker was able to fire at Sims and Chaney, police said. Whitaker was wounded in the chest and died at the scene. Sims and Chaney both were shot in the head. Sims died at the apartment and Chaney was rushed to Ben Taub General Hospital, where later died. Police found narcotics and cash in the apartment and believe robbery was the motive for the initial attack."

They’ll take my gun when they pry it from the cold, dead fingers of my hand: "With all the fights that have gone on around the nation in recent decades about “concealed carry” laws, I’ve often wondered: Why wouldn’t gun owners go the Dodge City route and strap a holster to their hip? If carrying a gun is about personal safety, wouldn’t having a gun openly displayed work really well as deterrence? Why force a mugger to guess if they’ll get shot? But not all gun advocates are fans: “I’m all for open-carry laws,” said Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, a gun rights advocacy organization in Washington State. “But I don’t think flaunting it is very productive for our cause. It just scares people.” All due respect to Mr. Gottlieb, but isn’t scaring people part of the reason for gun ownership? If you’re buying a pistol for self-defense, aren’t you wanting to make sure you can outmuscle any assailants? And if you can assure them that they’ll be outmuscled before they even assail you, haven’t you won? Where’s the problem here?"

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Wireless.Phil said...

We have Concealed Carry in Ohio, but we have no laws on open-carry.

However it is discouraged for the same reasons.Even with CC, some business don't want you in there place of business, they falsely believe they would be liable if anyone was shot or killed.

However, I do believe there 'may be' a few states in the south west the its not a problem. More on this issue at: http://opencarry.org/