Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Louisiana: Manager fights off armed assailant at restaurant: "Fearing for his life, a Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken and Biscuits’ manager in Covington wrestled a gun away from a robber, then – after firing a warning shot into the ceiling – told him to scram, police said. In the early morning hours today, Covington police responded to reports of an armed robbery at the restaurant at 71711 Riverside Drive. The manager, Connie Robinson, 34, told police he was walking out of the store just before midnight on Sunday when he was accosted by a man wearing a black ski mask and a dark-colored, hooded sweatshirt, with the hood up, Covington Police spokesman Capt. Jack West said. The assailant, described as about 5 feet 8 inches tall with a slim build, was armed with a blue steel revolver, West said. The man, who is still at large, ordered Robinson back into the business and told him to open the safe, West said. As he attempted to open it, the suspect told him he was going to kill him, and so, feeling he had nothing to lose, Robinson attacked the gunman, West said. After a struggle – which West described as fierce, saying both men were injured – Robinson gained control of the gun and told the robber to leave. The man then asked for his gun back and Robinson refused, firing one round into the ceiling, which prompted the robber to flee, West said."

IN: Take your gun to work? Some are glad it’s legal in Indiana now: "For one, having a fellow restaurant owner killed during a robbery scared him into getting a permit to carry his gun. For another, witnessing a domestic situation spill over into the workplace and leave a co-worker dead scared her into ensuring everyone gets home from work safely every day. The experiences of Mickey Skoulos, owner of Sunrise Cafe on Beardsley Avenue, and Ariann Lawhorn, human resources manager at Mid-City Supply Co. on Industrial Parkway, shape their views of the ‘take your gun to work’ bill that Gov. Mitch Daniels signed Thursday.”

US gun rights advocates pack heat with pride: "About 60 gun rights activists gather in a pizzeria in the Virginia suburb of Falls Church, just outside of Washington DC, their firearms openly displayed in waist holsters. They are celebrating what they expect will be the successful enactment in Virginia of legislation expanding [sic] gun rights for residents. Republican Governor Bob McDonnell has pledged to sign the measure. With gun control legislation stalled at the federal level in Congress, a number of states have taken matters into their own hands to make it easier for residents to pack heat. As many as 43 states already have some form of open-carry laws that allow citizens to carry firearms in plain view. Only seven states ban the carrying of firearms openly."

How many people have the anti-gunners helped murder?: "The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram carried the Associated Press report of a convenience store clerk in Kansas City who did exactly what a robber ordered him to do. He also did what his boss, formerly the Dallas-based Southland Corporation and now Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd., trained him to do. He also did what the police have repeatedly advised everybody to do. … And later in the hospital that night, after doing what everyone had told him he should do, Gurpreet Singh died.”

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