Monday, March 15, 2010

Ohio: Man shot trying to rob carryout: "Another robbery that went from bad to worse, police say, after a clerk pulled out a gun and shot a would-be robber. This is the second shooting like this in just the past few days in the same part of town, but this time the suspect is dead. The suspect was wearing a woman’s wig and brandished a gun before demanding money from the clerk at Bengal’s Food Mart on Airport Highway, Sgt. Tim Noble said. This all happened around 10 a.m. They figure he was hoping to leave with his pockets lined with cash. Instead, he was wheeled out of Bengal's Food Mart on a coroner's stretcher. It was a deadly end to what neighbors call a brazen robbery attempt."

VA: Homeowner's grandson shoots intruder: "An intruder was shot this morning after forcing his way into a home in a Henrico County. Henrico police say an adult male was shot in the lower torso around 5:30 a.m. in the 10300 block of Longdale Ave. The victim was transported to VCU Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. According to police, an elderly female homeowner reported that an intruder forced his way into her home, physically attacked her and then physically attacked her adult grandson, who was also present inside the home. The woman was knocked to the floor and her grandson obtained a handgun and “fired one round into the lower body of the assailant, causing him to drop to the floor,“ said Henrico Lt. Jim Price. The woman suffered facial injuries and was treated on the scene. The investigation is ongoing, but the attack does not appear to be random, Price said. “It appears that the homeowner was not aware of this individual and had never met him; however, [the assailant] is apparently known to the adult grandson as an acquaintance, someone he recently came across or met,“ Price said. Motive appears to be breaking and entering with intent to commit assault and robbery. “He announced that he wanted money,“ Price said. Currently, no charges have been filed against the shooter or the intruder. Police said they are waiting to interview the person shot, who was undergoing surgery."

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