Wednesday, March 24, 2010

La.: Police shoot the good guy: "A hub city man who was shot by police is now free. We were the first to report when the man was shot by police after officers claimed he opened fire on them. The charge of attempted first degree murder of a police officer against the 33 year old Lafayette man has been dropped. Commissioner Thomas Frederick dropped the charge against Corey Boseley during his 72 hour hearing. Considering the charge that is a bit unusual. Initial reports indicated police opened fire on Boseley because he fired a shot into a police car. But police admitted Tuesday no bullet holes were found in any of the police cars that responded to the scene.... it confirms what Boseley has been saying all along, that he was outside the house with a gun that night because he was trying to prevent two people from stealing merchandise located in front of the hardware store."

CA: Gun advocates seek to normalize firearms in public: "Locally, the Bay Area Open Carry movement is a loose affiliation of individuals who meet about once a month to advocate for gun rights. Most participants say they openly carry a firearm, or ‘open carry,’ to exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms, or to protect themselves and deter crime. One participant said a primary goal of the meetings is to normalize firearms and encourage the public to support loosening California’s relatively stringent gun laws. ‘It’s a battle worth fighting,’ said Walter Stanley, a 32-year-old political consultant from Livermore who attends the open carry meetings. ‘It’s something I feel so strongly and so positively about. I want other people to have the option to carry firearms.’”

The right to bear arms with your latte : "You might be interested to know that Washington and Oregon are deemed to be ‘open-carry-friendly’ states, with liberal (meaning permissive) gun laws, while Alaska sets a kind of ‘open carry’ gold standard (no surprise for Palin country). You might also be interested to know that Washington is more gun-friendly, legally speaking, than Texas. That’s because gun rights are strongly supported in Washington’s constitution, and the fact that it is legal here, generally speaking, to carry a gun on your hip or a rifle over your shoulder, in the open, without a permit. Gun toters should feel more at home in the land of the Uptight Seattleite than the Lone Star state.”

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