Friday, March 26, 2010

GA: Armed woman stops burglar: “A Moultrie burglary victim was ready when someone tried to break in on her again Tuesday night. She opened fire and shot the intruder. Tamika Seay’s home on Second Avenue Southeast was broken into March 12th. So she went out and bought a gun, and Tuesday night when she heard someone breaking in again, she grabbed it, and started shooting. Michael Daniels was hit by a bullet. He ran out of the house, but later showed up at a hospital.”

Louisiana: Carjack victim shoots suspect to death in 9th Ward: "A man was shot dead by a motorist he tried to carjack in the Lower 9th Ward late Wednesday, police said. Joshua McElveen, 24, approached a man in a pickup truck in the 1800 block of Lamanche Street about 9:30 p.m., according to authorities. He pointed a handgun at the man and told him to open the door, NOPD spokeswoman Hilal Williams said. The unidentified truck driver refused. Williams said the truck driver pulled out his own handgun and fired several bullets at McElveen. McElveen, wounded, dropped his gun and fell to the ground. The would-be victim called 911, but McElveen died before paramedics could arrive to treat him, coroner’s chief investigator John Gagliano said. According to Williams, investigators did not book the driver with a crime."

AZ: Weapons bill being readied for consideration: "Gun-rights activists say Arizona legislation to allow carrying of concealed weapons without a permit say it should be ready for Senate consideration early in the coming week. House and Senate bills were scheduled to be considered Thursday but action was postponed. Supporters say that was so minor changes can be made to provisions unrelated to the repeal of criminal penalties for not having a permit while carrying a concealed weapon. … If the bill becomes law, Arizona would be the third state behind Alaska and Vermont to not require permits for concealed weapons.”

OK: Bill will extend “Make My Day Law” to businesses: "The State of Oklahoma has one of the strongest gun rights laws in their ‘Make My Day law.’ It may grow even stronger, if state senator Joe Sweeden of Pawhuska has his way. Senator Sweeden penned SB 2257 this year to enhance business owners rights in protecting themselves and their property. He was prompted to write the law by the robbery incident involving Oklahoma City pharmacist Jerome Ersland. Ersland currently faces first degree murder charges for shooting a 16 year-old robbery suspect in his place of business. Following is video of that robbery and the pharmacist retrieving firearms and fighting back …”

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