Wednesday, July 14, 2010

AL: Employee shot while being fired; boss was defending self: "The manager of a trucking company shot a hostile employee in self-defense after the man broke into his office and attacked him Tuesday afternoon, police said. Decatur police said the employee, who suffered a superficial gunshot wound to his hand, may now face charges in the incident. The employee, whom police did not identify, was in the process of being fired from his job at TL Express Trucking Terminal at 1884 W. Moulton St. when the 2 p.m. shooting occurred, Detective Joe Renshaw said. The employee forced his way into the office and began assaulting the manager, who was alone in the building at the time, Renshaw said. “The manager retrieved his handgun and fired a shot in an attempt to stop the attack,” Renshaw said. “The employee was struck by the bullet ricochet, which caused a superficial injury to his left hand.” Police questioned both men and determined the manager acted in self-defense, Renshaw said."

FL: Aggressor not charged!: "Calvert drove to El-Shaeir's home at 2140 Catalina Drive N., got out of his car, and confronted El-Shaeir, the sheriff's office said. "He started calling me slurs, racist names," a teary-eyed El-Shaeir said outside his home this morning. "Then he punched me in the face," El-Shaeir said. "I said to him, 'Excuse me?' Then I said to him, 'Just go.' " Then, El-Shaeir said, Calvert said he was going to kill him and went to get something out of his car. That's when El-Shaeir decided he had to defend himself. "I ran to my car to get my gun, put the clip in, cocked it, went back again," he said. "I said, 'I have the gun. What do you have?" El-Shaeir said Calvert started looking at him, went into the front of his car, claimed he was going to shoot El-Shaeir and then punched El-Shaeir again. That's when El-Shaeir started firing. El-Shaeir was charged with carrying a concealed weapon. He acknowledged that although the gun was registered in his name, he did not have a permit for it. Calvert was taken to Bayfront Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries, the sheriff's office said. He has not been charged with a crime.

TX: Robber shot during break-in: "Police said a man accused of shooting 29-year-old Chris Lopez, who was trying to break into his uncle’s home on Longmeadow Drive, will likely not face charges. … Police said Lopez, a 2001 Texas Youth Commission graduate, was trying to break into the back door of a home when the homeowner’s nephew warned him that someone was inside. Lopez then tried to take off with a lawnmower from the the carport and that’s when the nephew opened fire through the kitchen window, hitting the man in the chest, killing him.”

NRA urges opposition to Kagan: "Justice Sonia Sotomayor's decision last month to oppose expanded gun rights under the 2nd Amendment is being cited by the National Rifle Assn. as reason for senators to oppose Elena Kagan, President Obama's second nominee to the Supreme Court. The NRA released an anti-Kagan ad this week that shows Sotomayor seemingly assuring senators during her confirmation hearing last year that she supports individual gun rights. Citing her vote in June to uphold a handgun ban in Chicago, the ad urges members to call their senators and "tell them not to fall for the same trick twice."

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