Monday, July 26, 2010

TX teen shoots back: "The argument led to gunfire with someone shooting at the teen. The teen then retrieved a gun from inside and also began firing. As people scattered, the older man with whom the teen argued was shot in the head. The teen was shot in the lower leg and ran back inside the house. The man with the head wound was taken to University Hospital by AirLife and was in stable condition, Porter said. Two people inside — believed to be the teen's relatives — left the home while the young man remained inside for about three hours before surrendering to police. No charges were immediately filed."

Tenn.: Robber shot by homeowner: "Investigators have charged 34-year-old Benjamin K. Fowler with two counts of felony murder. Fowler and Ronald H. Carter III are accused of breaking into a South Knox County home. It happened around 1 on Saturday morning at 8736 Highland Circle. Investigators believe the men were after drugs and opened fire killing 32-year-old Robert Doyal and 63-year-old Judy Adams. According to investigators, the homeowner grabbed a gun during the incident and returned fire, killing Carter. Fowler was arrested when he was discharged from Blount County Memorial Hospital this afternoon. He had run from the scene and called a relative to take him to the hospital, where he was treated for a gunshot wound to the hip."

MO: Probation only for shooting a gangbanger: " In the spring of 2009, Pulley had been assaulted on a bus by some teenagers. Two months later, Pulley was on a bus and saw a young man whom he believed had been the lead assailant. Pulley called the police and when the young man transferred to another bus, Pulley, who was armed and had a conceal carry permit, followed. When the young man got off the second bus, Pulley followed again. He confronted the young man on the street and shot and killed him. The victim was Brandon Colenburg ... He had a tattoo that indicated he was a gang member. The jury convicted Pulley of second-degree murder, which carries a minimum sentence of 10 years, and the jury recommended that the judge put Pulley on probation. Which is what Circuit Court Judge Timothy Wilson did Thursday morning."

Australia: Man shot while trying to rob security truck: "A man shot during an armed robbery on Sydney's northern beaches this afternoon has died, Royal North Shore Hospital says. The man, who is believed to have taken part in a robbery, was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital in a critical condition. The shots were fired outside the Dee Why RSL as a security van picked up cash from the club. The club's community relations manager Martin Phillips told the ABC that witnesses had reported seeing the alleged robber dressed in a security guard uniform. "A guard van got set upon, shots were fired and I do believe that the person who got shot was the actual robber who was attempting to take the vehicle," he said."

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