Thursday, July 01, 2010

Md: Homeowner takes on four invaders: "Edwards was driving to his Hancock Road house with two of his three daughters about 10:20 p.m. that Wednesday when his wife, Jolene, called him to say a security alarm on their outside shed was beeping. Edwards told her to grab his 9mm Glock handgun and wait for him to come home. She then slid the weapon into her robe pocket, the affidavit said. As Edwards pulled up, at least four men emerged from behind the shed and forced him and his children into the house, police say. Each of the men wore yellow latex gloves. Once inside, the armed intruders ordered Edwards' wife and daughters to go upstairs, according to the affidavit. Before they did, Edwards allegedly slipped behind his wife and removed the gun from her pocket. Moments later, the gunfire erupted. At least 22 shots from three guns were fired in the kitchen and living room, police said. When officers arrived, they found Edwards, with wounds to his leg and chest, and a dead intruder. Edwards was released after eight days in the hospital. Ferman said he would not face charges because he was "legally justified in the use of deadly force" to protect his home.

Delaware man captures thief in his car: "A thief, dressed for the winter and rummaging through a car outside a Glasgow residence late Tuesday, had the tables turned on him when he was held at gunpoint by the resident he was stealing from until police arrived, officials said today. The incident unfold about 11:50 p.m. in front of a home in the 100 block of Michael Lane in the Caravel Woods community, where officers were called to investigate a theft in progress, said police spokesman Senior Cpl. Trinidad Navarro. An investigation revealed that the victim’s wife saw a man dressed in a black knit cap, winter gloves, a scarf and goggles breaking into their car out front and told her husband. The husband, meanwhile, armed himself with a gun and confronted the thief, who was still inside his car. The husband ordered the thief to lie face down in the driveway at gunpoint until officers arrived to arrest him, Navarro said."

MI: Woman won't face charges in shooting of cop husband: "Kathe Kacmarsky said she was trying to scare away her husband during a fight last year when she pulled the trigger of a .38-caliber revolver and seriously wounded him. She told investigators she intended to shoot at the floor. "I just wanted him to get away from me ... I wasn't planning on shooting him," Kacmarsky said. Eaton County Prosecutor Jeff Sauter said Wednesday he would not file criminal charges in the Sept. 12 incident inside the couple's Delta Township home. Sauter said firing the gun was an act of self-defense. "Michigan law gives a person the right to use force ... to defend herself under certain circumstances," Sauter wrote in a statement outlining his findings. "Criminal charges require proof that (a person) acted with criminal intent."

Flood of gun rights law suits anticipated: "Monday’s high-court decision expanding gun rights will likely trigger a flood of litigation in states and cities with restrictive laws, so it could take years before the practical impact of the ruling is clear. … Gun-rights groups are preparing to file suits in states with restrictive laws … while groups favoring gun control said they were confident most rules would pass constitutional muster. … Alan M. Gottlieb, founder of the [SAF] … said the group filed a lawsuit Monday in federal court challenging a North Carolina statute that bars possession of firearms off of one’s property in areas where there is a declared state of emergency. ‘We wouldn’t have been able to challenge’ the law ‘without this decision,’ Mr. Gottlieb said. ‘We had this ready to go.’”

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