Thursday, July 29, 2010

IN: Suspected robber shot on Northside: "A suspected robber was shot by his intended victim this morning on Indy's Northside, police said. Derek Schafer, 39, Indianapolis, told police he was driving a 1992 black Lexus looking for an apartment to rent at Fairfield and College avenues at 3:45 a.m. when he was approached by a man who demanded money. Schafer said he gave the man $6 and then engaged in a scuffle with him, according to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police report. During the altercation, Schafer pulled out a handgun and shot Colen A. McDade, 25, in the stomach. McDade was found a few minutes later sitting on a porch at 3502 N. Guilford Ave. He was taken to Methodist Hospital and his condition was unknown."

HI: No charges against dad in son's shooting: "Authorities have dropped a case against an Laie man originally suspected of shooting his son, and have instead charged the gunshot victim with robbery relating to the incident. Kip Orton, 41, of Laie was shot in the upper-right chest Sunday at his family's Naupaka Street home. But as he was being discharged Monday from the Queen's Medical Center, police arrested him. He was charged with first-degree robbery and made his first court appearance yesterday. A police affidavit said Kip Orton kicked open the locked door of his parents' bedroom Sunday and demanded cash and prescription pain medication. The son brandished a knife as he made his demands, the affidavit said. Kenneth Orton told his son to leave his mother alone and picked up a handgun belonging to Kip that Florence had found in the son's bedroom the previous day, the affidavit said. The two men "grappled" over the gun, and when Kip Orton tried to take the gun away from his father, the weapon fired and the son fell to the floor, the affidavit said."

The reluctant gun owner: "I had never wanted a gun. Now I own a Smith & Wesson revolver. Why? I wasn’t happy about the errand, but my husband was. He had awakened me that morning like a kid getting ready for a fishing trip. ‘Are you excited?’ he asked. ‘No.’ Early in the day, I’m a person of few words. When I’m upset, words dwindle away altogether. ‘Look at it as an adventure!’ he proposed. I looked him in the eye: ‘I’m going to buy a gun. I said I would, and I will. But that doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy it.’”

How many bullets do you need in your home defense handgun?: "A handgun is not a shotgun. A handgun doesn’t fire as much lead as a shotgun. A handgun is harder to aim than a shotgun. Provided the shotgun in question is loaded with double ought buck and fired from a relatively close distance, the disparity in lethality is so great that many security experts pose the following question: what’s the main purpose of a home defense handgun? To fight your way to your shotgun. This much is true: if you’re trying to stop someone from killing yourself or your loved ones using a handgun, you’re going to need to pull the trigger more than once. So you’ll need more than one bullet. But how many?”

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