Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Armed Citizen" update

There is an update over at Armed Citizen about their battles with copyright piranha "Righthaven". There are a couple of addresses given there for you to write to if you would like to help.

Note that although all the past content on "Armed Citizen" has been taken down, everything they have covered over the last few years was also covered on this blog so is still available in the archives here. The difference between this blog and "Armed Citizen" is that this blog covers general gun news as well as reports of self-defense shootings by citizens.

Another difference is that I very rarely put up more than a short excerpt of a report -- which makes this blog an unlikely target for a copyright suit. "Armed Citizen", by contrast, reproduced whole articles at times.

Montana: Robber shot by supposed drug dealer: "Schloss is accused of being involved in a Dec. 5 robbery attempt that went awry and ended in gunfire inside a vehicle. Court documents state that Schloss was involved in a shootout with David Michael Palumbo on Four Mile Drive west of Kalispell. A charge of attempted homicide against Palumbo was dismissed on May 10 after defense attorney Jennifer Streano noted evidence from the CR-V was destroyed after the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office returned the vehicle to Robert and Leslie Hanger, Bo Hanger’s parents, without letting the defense attorney inspect it. According to court documents, Palumbo said the shooting was in self-defense and that Schloss fired at him first. Schloss allegedly picked up Hanger at a Whitefish Bar on Dec. 5 and asked him if he wanted to make $150. The two allegedly planned to rob Palumbo, a supposed drug dealer from Evans, Wash. Schloss and Hanger picked up Palumbo outside Walgreens in Kalispell and proceeded to Four Mile Drive in Hanger’s CR-V. A 9-mm handgun later was found along Four Mile Drive. A magazine in the gun matched a magazine found in Schloss’ pocket at the hospital, court records state."

AK: No charges filed in Denali National Park grizzly shooting: "In a case that could establish a precedent for gun rights advocates, no charges have been filed against a hiker who shot a grizzly in self-defense in Denali National Park on May 28, 2010. The man and his girlfriend--their names were not released--were hiking in brushy country near Tattler Creek when he heard noise to his right. He drew his .45 caliber semi-auto handgun. A grizzly came out of the brush 25 feet away and charged. The man fired seven to nine rounds. The shooting occurred three months after Congress passed a controversial law allowing people to carry loaded guns in National Parks. However, it's against the law to fire a gun in a National Park. The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports that "state law in Alaska allows the killing of wildlife in defense or life or property."

GA householder fires at robber, gets arrested!: "Albany police report that Yasmine Walker, age 15, who was shot in the hand last night the 400 block of Alice Avenue was involved in an attempted burglary. Police say Cecil Tyson, the occupant of the house at 439 Alice, fired numerous gun shots as someone was attempting to break into his home. Tyson, 58, has been arrested and charged with reckless conduct."

Truckers attack onerous Califonia ammo law: "The California law mandates that handgun ammunition be labeled as such, but OOIDA noted in its filing that the federal label, Other Regulated Materials-Domestic (ORM-D), not only covers ammunition, but perfumes, aerosol cans, beer and other commodities, so truckers won’t know if they’re hauling ammunition or not and hence breaking the law. The law further states that delivery or “transfer of ownership of handgun ammunition may only occur in fact-to-face transactions with the deliverer or transferor being provided bona fide evidence of identity from the purchaser or other transferee.” OOIDA says that would place impossible demands on carriers and drivers, who would also have to get signatures from the packages’ addressee, perform an identification check in some instances and determine which calibers are handgun ammo, among other things."

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