Monday, July 05, 2010

FL: Convenience store robbery leaves gunman dead: "Delray Beach Police say a man attempted to rob Community Food Market in Delray around 10pm on Saturday. The armed robber entered the store and tried to steal from the clerks at gunpoint. When one of the clerks saw the man with the gun he ducked behind the counter. The gunman began to shoot, that's when another clerk armed himself and shot back. The armed robber attempted to leave the store. Police arrived to find the man with a semiautomatic hand gun still in his right hand. Police say he was taken to Delray Medical Center with a bullet wound to the chest and later pronounced dead. No one else in the store was injured."

Some D.C. Residents Say It's Too Hard To Get A Gun: "The toughest thing about getting a gun in the district is finding a gun store. There are none. You have to drive to a neighboring state like Maryland to buy a weapon. Maryland Small Arms in Upper Marlboro, Md., has its own firing range just outside the Washington Beltway. In the showroom, salesman Jack Donald can sell you a gun. But if you have a D.C. driver's license, you'll have to transfer the weapon to someone with a federal firearms license in D.C. Then the federal licensee gives your gun back to you. But you're still not ready to go, Donald notes. "You have to be fingerprinted, you have to submit photographs, you have to take a class that's supposed to consist of four hours of classroom and an hour of range time with ... a District of Columbia approved instructor," he explains. That can bring the cost of registering to more than $500. That's a lot of work and expense"

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