Friday, July 30, 2010

NV: Murder charges dropped against man in gang-related incident: "Murder charges against a 20-year-old man were dropped on Thursday after prosecutors determined that he fired a handgun at someone in self-defense. Allen Duplan was arrested this week, five months after Las Vegas police said he fired into a vehicle outside his house at 2843 Beacon Falls Way, near Vegas Valley Drive and Nellis Boulevard. One of the people in the car, Angel Olivera, later told police he drove onto Beacon Falls Way with a pellet rifle hanging out the window. Duplan told police he was scared and thought the suspects were going to do a drive-by shooting and that he fired the handgun at the vehicle to try to scare them away. Sanchez was in the back seat and was shot in the head. She died two days later."

OH: Would-be robber shot by potential victim: "A man was fatally shot yesterday while trying to rob someone in a North Side parking lot, Columbus police said. Shawn Mitchell, 23, died behind 6121 Zumstein Dr. after being shot about 5a.m. Police said Mitchell was trying to rob a person in a parked car and was shot by that person. Police would not name the shooter but said evidence in the case will be given to a grand jury.”

CO: Gun owner sues city: "Loveland resident Bill Miller wants $100,000 and a policy change from the Loveland Police Department. The 72-year-old man sued the city in U.S. District Court in Denver this week, claiming officers violated his constitutional rights in 2008 when they stopped him at Lake Loveland for carrying a gun. … Miller was sitting on a bench overlooking Lake Loveland on Oct. 7, 2008, with a holstered handgun. He carries a gun to advertise his custom holster business and to open a dialogue about every American’s Second Amendment rights, according to his lawsuit. However, others enjoying Lake Loveland saw the gun, worried and called police. Officers approached Miller to check out the complaint.”

One month after McDonald: "One month ago, the Supreme Court held in McDonald v. City of Chicago that states, not just the federal government, are prevented from violating Americans’ Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. The Supreme Court did not, however, define the full scope of the right, nor the standard of review by which challenged statutes will be judged. In other words: It ain’t over yet. A number of pending lawsuits across the country will further shape how the Second Amendment will be applied.”

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