Thursday, July 15, 2010

FL: Man who shot kidnappers recounts ordeal: "Gregory Longley thought the teens coming toward him just wanted cigarettes. Then one pulled a gun. He was coming with them, they said. From the back seat of the Chevy Malibu, Longley tried to stay calm. Then the man with the gun took his hand off the weapon to type a text message. Longley grabbed the gun and shot the teen sitting next to him, killing him, then shot and wounded a teen in the front seat. Then he ran. Longley recounted the ordeal calmly Wednesday as he testified against the teen in the front seat, who survived. Juan Carlos Morales, 19, is on trial for the death of Javon Strange, the other teen Longley shot that Sunday in September 2008. When Morales, Strange and their friend Abdusbasiyr Blake kidnapped Longley, the three committed a felony, prosecutors said. In Florida, that means Morales and Blake can be held responsible for Strange's death." Longley faces no charges because he was acting in self-defense."

OH: Father who shot son acted in self-defense: "Donnie Moore Sr., 44, 5600 block Bergan Drive, was released from the Montgomery County Jail on Tuesday night after a panel of prosecutors decided not to file a felonious assault charge against him in the shooting of his 19-year-old son, Donnie “DJ” Moore Jr. Donnie Moore told police he shot his son with a .22-caliber rifle following a fist fight in which the men punched, tackled and choked each other, a police report states. Donnie Moore told officers he managed to wrestle his son outside, but DJ Moore kicked in the back door. The father claimed he fired the gun to scare his son, but the bullet connected, a police report shows. Officers noted in their report that the father smelled of alcohol, slurred his speech and had bloodshot eyes. Donnie Moore’s actions were consistent with the legal protections under the state’s Castle Doctrine Law, which says a person who is being attacked in their home or car does not have a duty to retreat, said Greg Flannagan, spokesman for the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office."

NC shooting ruled self-defense: "A Kenly man won’t face criminal charges in the shooting death of his wife’s boyfriend after the district attorney's office ruled the incident an act of self-defense. Police say Marvin Ralph Richardson Jr, 27, of Kenly, shot Terry Young Jr., 24, of 54 Iris Drive, Four Oaks, during a fight last week outside the home of Richardson’s sister on North Sixth Street in Smithfield. Young died after being taken to a hospital. “Mr. Young had violent intentions and was seeking a confrontation with Marvin Richardson,” Powell said. According to police, Young pulled out a gun during the fight and tried to shoot Richardson. Richardson left and came back with a gun and shot at Young. One of the shots bounced off a vehicle and hit Young. Investigators found a 12-gauge shotgun in Young’s car"

OK woman shoots two robbers: "A woman was walking home to the Brighton Park Apartment complex about 3:50 a.m. when two men demanded money and forced their way into her home in the 4800 block of South Darlington Avenue, Capt. Travis Yates said. The woman initially complied but then went to her purse and pulled out a revolver. She fired a single shot, hitting one of the robbers, Yates said. A struggle for the gun took place and a friend of the woman tried to help. The woman then fired several more shots, hitting the other intruder. Both men were taken to St. Francis Hospital. One was in critical condition and the other was in serious condition, Yates said." [More details here]

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