Wednesday, June 12, 2013

FL:Armed Man Stops Motorcycle Thief (Different version)

Outside their normally secluded Suncoast Estates home, there are still remnants of the crime scene where 68-year-old Ernie Maroon cornered a would-be crook.

"He put me in a situation where I could have shot him and killed him," Maroon said.

Flashback to yesterday morning: Ernie's wife, Christine, noticed a strange motorcycle outside of their storage shed.

"I walked down and I says, 'oh that's your motorcycle,' and then I heard a noise over in the shed," he said.

That noise turned out to be 17-year-old Lukas Ivey trying to make off with the couple's 2005 Harley Davidson. Ernie believes Ivey snuck in through a window, then used bolt cutters to cut the locks and open the shed so he could sneak off with the bike.

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