Thursday, June 13, 2013

NC:Senate Passes Concealed Carry Reform, Eliminates Jim Crow Era Pistol Purchase Permits

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The North Carolina Senate has passed a reform bill that moves the state closer toward constitutional carry.

The reform bill eliminates the permit required to purchase a handgun that was implemeted in the Jim Crow era as a means to keep black people disarmed.

It eliminates a number of "gun-free" zones that have been found to be attractive to mass killers. Concealed carry permit holders would be able to store firearms in a locked car on school property. The bill strengthens state preemption of local gun laws.

Private property rights are respected, as owners are allowed to prohibit the carry of firearms on their property.

The North Carolina Sheriff's Association support the bill, while University of North Carolina Police Chiefs oppose it.

The law would provide penalties designed to prevent the disclosure of concealed carry permit information, which could be used to chill the exercise of Second Amendment rights.

The Senate Bill will have to be sent back to the House for approval because of the additional reforms in the Senate measure.

The bill passed the Senate on a voice vote.

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Dean Weingarten

Update:Sheriffs Association Opposes end of Jim Crow law, Another hurdle yet in the Senate:

Link to article NC:Reform not yet passed Senate, Sheriffs Association Lobbies to Keep Jim Crow Pistol Permit :

Update: GRNC Alert 6-16-13: NC Sheriffs' Assoc. Threatens HB 937


Anonymous said...

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Wireless.Phil said...

White House Makes Moves to Bolster Gun Safety
June 12, 2013

WASHINGTON — Six months after the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., and with no major gun legislation on the horizon in Congress, the White House is quietly moving forward on an executive package of gun safety measures.

Anonymous said...

The sheriffs answer to the voters. The UNC police chiefs were appointed by Tom Ross and serve at his pleasure. That explains why the sheriffs support the bill and UNC police chiefs do not.

Anonymous said...

on the upside, gun bans will prevent people from buying the KSG an using something that can fire more than one shot before jamming :P