Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ruffling the feathers of The Yankee Vulture Bus Tour: Connecticut.

An excellent report from Jonathan Hardy &

Sorry for my friends that see this elsewhere, sharing on the usual gun forums:

So, I have my asbestos suit on…. flame away….

I went down to Newtown to face the Bloomberg folks today Went with a buddy of mine, Joshua. He’s a younger guy, Marine, getting active in the 2A movement. I decided not to wear a CCDL shirt, I don’t think that was the time (especially if the anti’s decided to engage us in a loud ruckus and all – I didn’t want the organization getting the negative attention). So, I decided on wearing my “guns save lives” shirt. Pretty obvious, given their whole campaign was about ending gun crime. Which reminds me, you wanna see people in the anti-gun camp freak out: When they ask an open carrier why they are there, just say “I believe in stopping gun crime”….. the look on the face is EPIC!!! But I digress…..

So, we were blatantly open carrying in our retention holsters. Turns out, the Bloomberg folks called 911 on us…. no biggie, we were in the right. Officers showed up, said “Hi”. They did not hassle us at all about being there. No “sidewalk, grass” nonsense like I’ve seen at other events where I’ve OC’d. Mind you, we were the only pro gun folks there.

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