Friday, June 14, 2013

Schumer Tells Bloomberg How to lie to Americans

In a Politico article, Chuck Schumer explains how an anti-freedom ad should be structured to obtain support of normally pro-freedom people. He advises this approach:
“Now I’m an NRA member. I’m proud of that,” Schumer narrated, taking on the persona of a Nevada gun shop owner. “My daddy was, his daddy before him, and my kids are going to be NRA members. But on this one? Background checks? They’re wrong. That background check ain’t gonna affect me. I’m a law-abiding citizen. It’ll just affect felons, spousal abusers, people [who are] mentally ill. So on this one, I don’t agree with the NRA.”

I do not think that approach will work either, Chuck. Half the country are more informed than you give them credit for. They know the "background check" scheme that you put forward was just a thinly disguised move toward universal gun registration, which is effective gun confiscation in slow motion, over the next generation or two.

You have been able to lie to enough people, enough of the time, to promote all those failed big government schemes.

With the new media, you no longer have an oligopoly that controls the flow of information.

Dean Weingarten


Wireless.Phil said...

This already happened, but note this from the article. What happened to no questions asked?
LBPD gun buy back

"During the gun-buyback event, which lasted from 10am to 6pm, those selling their firearms would enter the buyback zone of the police station from Del Amo Boulevard, be stopped and questioned by an officer (they were asked for identification), and then drive into the area and speak with detectives, who would go into the trunk of the vehicle and secure the firearm, making sure that it’s not loaded, Eaton said. After that, detectives would give them gift cards from Vons or Target (paid for by the city) and supply them with gun safety material, all while the driver would stay in the vehicle, Eaton said."

LBPD hosts gun buyback event in effort to remove weapons from streets
Signal Tribune - ‎4 hours ago‎

Anonymous said...

When are they going to address the issue of Abortion Violence?