Sunday, June 23, 2013

MS:Journalistic Confusion over Mississippi Open Carry

The Mississippi has always protected the right to openly carry weapons.

With confusion and concern looming over Mississippi’s new gun law set to kick in July 1, businesses are reminded of their rights in relation to the “Open Carry” legislation.

House Bill 2, approved by Gov. Phil Bryant in March, is being referred to as the open carry law because gun owners will now have fewer concealment regulations.

"HB 2 set out to redefine what a concealed weapon is," said Cleveland Police Chief Buster Bingham. "If the law holds up, any person can carry a weapon on their belt as long as it's holstered. It doesn't need to be hidden or obscured.”

Also written in the bill’s language is that citizens may carry with or without concealed carry permits — any law-abiding citizen over 18 years of age may ‘holster carry' in the open if done in a non-threating and otherwise lawful manner.


For the meantime, it remains to be seen how the state reacts to new carrying rights.

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