Sunday, June 16, 2013

OH:Police Gun Buyback program a success despite competition

More citizens showing the illegitimacy of these gun turn in programs. Most news coverage of this event did not even mention them.

Anyone turning in a working handgun received a $100 gift card for gas from Shell; food from Dave's or merchandise from Target. They also were given two tickets to a Cavaliers and Lake Erie Monsters game. Semi-automatic rifles were worth $200 in gifts. Participants also were entered in a raffle to win up to $1,000.

But not everyone hanging around the buyback bought into the program. A half-block up the street, two men held up signs offering "Cash For Guns." They were intercepting people heading toward the buyback tent at Payne Avenue near East 21st Street in front of the Public Safety Central building.

"I'm here to save perfectly good guns from being melted down," commented a man who said he was from Canton, and called himself Gabe. "We're keeping them out of the wrong hands, too."

John, who said he was from Lakewood, was buying them, too. He said he is a gun collector.

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