Wednesday, June 12, 2013

OK:Armed Citizen Disables Robbers' Vehicle, Robbers Flee Citizen's Arrest

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The owner of a Tulsa lawn care service made use of his handgun permit to protect himself and his business Monday afternoon.

The owner was on a mower when he said two people tried to steal some of this other equipment in a neighborhood near 31st and Garnett. He said the two people also tried to run him over in the truck they were driving. It was at that point he said he made the decision to draw his weapon.

A bullet hole and a couple of flat tires was all the damage left behind after Steve Anderson says he was forced to pull the trigger.

Before Anderson fired two rounds, he said the day was like any other. He was mowing a yard for one of his Total Lawn Care customers when a familiar face stopped by with troubling news.

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