Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NH:Resident Shoots, Kills one of two Home Invaders

Early versions of this story simply said "visitor to a Lake Apartment was shot to death". Later reporting has found that that the door had been kicked in.

MANCHESTER -- A man shot and killed early Sunday morning at a Lake Avenue apartment had kicked open the door and rushed at the resident along with another intruder, authorities said Monday.

Authorities said they have not charged the shooter, although an investigation continues. They would not identify the shooter Monday, but said the victim was Michael Larocque Jr., 24.

An autopsy determined that Larocque died from a gunshot wound to the arm and abdomen, prosecutors said.

According to homicide prosecutors, the apartment resident told police he armed himself with a handgun when he heard unknown people on his porch. He fired the gun at the intruders once they kicked in the door, rushed inside and charged him.

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Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, he wasn't unknown.