Friday, August 23, 2013

MI:Detroit Police to Mayor Candidate: Get a Gun

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Most police support armed citizens, but that is not true of all police, especially politically appointed administrators in large cities.   As the reality arrives, after shall issue concealed carry laws are passed, most administrators come to see that they have been mislead by citizen disarmament ideologues, and admit, even grudgingly, that they were wrong.

The big cities in Michigan fought hard against allowing citizens to carry guns.  Now many opponents cannot seem to remember why.  From

Michigan's prosecuting attorneys association led the push against changing the law in 2001. Today, Ionia County Prosecutor Ronald Schafer, president of the group, says it's hard to remember what the fuss was about.
Sometimes, it takes a dose of reality to change a persons mind.  From

Former mayoral candidate Lisa Howze is recovering from an apparent break-in while she was inside her home on a day she made a controversial political decision.


The first patrol car arrived in about 20 minutes, she said. And then another showed up and, finally, an investigative team.


“The officer told me it’s time to get my CPL license,” Howze said. “I had resisted for a long time, saying, no, I’m not getting a gun, I’m not getting a gun. Now I’m not resisting.”
Fortunately, Ms Howze was not hurt.  The transformation is interesting.   Ms. Howze has been against allowing people with concealed carry permits into former defenseless victim zones.  From

"I think that when you begin to bring weapons into those types of areas, into schools and churches, I think it kind of takes away from the purpose of those buildings."

 Now a police officer has advised her to obtain her own concealed pistol license, after she suffered from a home invasion by hiding under her bed with her cell phone as protection.   It has been the final straw to a change in attitude.  Perhaps she will rethink the advisability of having numerous areas where she is forbidden from being legally armed.

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