Wednesday, August 14, 2013

To Keep or Not to Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns (review)

Christians not only have the right to keep and bear arms, but they have the obligation to do so in the defense of freedom. This is the powerful and provocative thesis of a new book by Tim Baldwin and his father, Chuck Baldwin.

In their book, To Keep or Not to Keep, the Baldwins — Tim is a Second Amendment scholar and attorney, while Chuck is a minister and former Constitution Party presidential candidate — argue that “Christians should not give up their guns.” They back up their claim with logic and scripture, a rare combination even among gun-rights advocates.

The authors warn readers:

Gun opponents have been highly successful in disarming the citizenry of other nations. So the threat to America is real, not just theoretical. If something does not seriously change in the attitude of Americans, our future looks similar to those who have lost meaningful and free gun possession. Unfortunately, this kind of self-defense-rejecting philosophy is becoming prevalent in America. But only one philosophy will ultimately prevail. The philosophy that succeeds will determine between two very different futures.

The Baldwins draw a clear and critical distinction between simple gun possession and meaningful, divinely-dictated gun possession.

It likely sounds strange in the ears of many Americans that God has commanded his children to own weapons and to wield them in defense of liberty. To Keep or Not to Keep presents an overwhelming cache of compelling evidence that this is indeed the case.

There are, of course, those believers that cling to the notion that government licensing of the right to keep and bear arms is reasonable and that the Constitution should be interpreted accordingly. That is to say, these people believe there is a “constitutional right” to own a gun, but that government has the authority to infringe upon that right in order to maintain peace and safety. There lies the rub.

The sophistry of gun opponents has been so subtle that even the very elect, so to speak, have been duped into accepting government prerogative over a right given by God.

In a most masterful manner, the Baldwins use the word of God to disabuse Christians of this false doctrine and to convince them of their duty to defend freedom with arms. Some, however, remain unconverted.

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