Wednesday, August 14, 2013

VT:Church and State Gun Turn In Fails so Far (buyback)

A Unitarian church in Middlebury Vermont has been attempting to induce people to give their guns to the Government to be destroyed for a price far below market value.  From

Minister Barnaby Feder says he recognizes that guns tend to sell for much more than $50 online, but that he hopes this incentive will at least make people aware of the option to dispose of firearms. So far no guns have been brought to the police department for cash.
I do not see anyone organizing massive protests over this clear Church/State cooperation.   The money has been turned over to the Middlebury police department, which has also agreed to oversee destruction of the valuable items.

It seems peculiar to me that the church would want this valuable property destroyed, rather than sold and the proceeds used for charity.    After all, the destruction of every used gun only increases the demand for new guns, by decreasing the supply of guns in the used market.  

Perhaps the ideology of gun hatred overcomes the desire to help the poor in this case.

A book has recently been published to show that Christianity supports ownership of weapons by Christians.   Some Christians, however, say that many Unitarians are not Christians.

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Wireless.Phil said...

This is Vermont, so no surprises there.

I'm waiting to see what my friend in VT has to say about this?