Friday, August 30, 2013

Mississippi Supreme Court Rules that Gun Law Means What it Says(Open Carry Protected)

Open carry at a rally protesting IRS abuse in Arizona

This is a blow for reason and the rule of law in Mississippi.  The injunction against House Bill 2 should never have occurred.   You can read some background here.  From

The judge ruled the bill was unconstitutionally vague.

The Supreme Court decided that decision was incorrect.

House Bill 2 would allow people without a permit to carry firearms as long as they are within sight. Concealed weapons still require a permit.

 Here is some history of the Mississippi Constitution and how it has been gutted in the past.

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Clarification: The ruling means that the Mississippi Constitutional protection of the right to keep and bear arms will now have the force of law in Mississippi.  People will not need a permit to carry a firearm openly, that is, not concealed.

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