Wednesday, August 28, 2013

MI:More Armed Citizens, Less Crime, Less Police

As more and more citizens obtain permits to carry guns, crime continues to drop, even as police numbers drop in Michigan.  From MLive,
one explanation offered is more guns, less crime:

People don’t get robbed as much, or assaulted, or raped. Cars thefts are rarer by half. Your wallets and purses are less likely to be taken. At the same time, there are fewer police in your neighborhood.


More guns, less crime

Another factor must be considered. Michigan adults have more guns.
In 2001, Michigan made it much easier for residents to carry concealed handguns. Permits have risen ever since.

Last month, 405,408 adults could lawfully carry concealed handguns. That’s up from 53,000 after the first year of Michigan’s shall-issue law.
That means one in 17 adults 21 or older is licensed to carry. Countless more people have guns for sport and protection in their homes.
John Lott, an economist and national pro-firearms commenter, authored the book, “More Guns, Less Crime.”

”When you see the percent of the population with permits rising, and how Michigan has seen a very substantial increase over almost the same period of time (studied by MLive), you are looking at the fact that victims can defend themselves and also deter criminals, just as police can deter criminals,” Lott said.

John Lott's findings are nothing new.  He did the first study on this nearly 20 years ago.   While there is some dispute about  whether more guns actually reduces crime, there is no longer any serious contention that more guns cause more crime.

Dean Weingarten

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