Monday, August 19, 2013

MI:Armed Citizen Shoots Aggressive Bear that may have Attacked Abby Wetherell

An unknown citizen in Selma Township, Wexford County may be the hero that stopped near term bear attacks in Michigan this last week.

On Thursday,  Abby Wetherell was jogging in Haring Township when she spotted the bear.   It was about 9 p.m.   She started to run faster, but bears can run twice as fast as people can.  The bear easily ran her down and knocked her over.  Abby was able to get up and attempt an escape, but the bear knocked her down again and mauled her.

A neighbor heard Abby screaming and was able to scare off the bear.  No evidence of cubs was found at the scene.

This is typical predatory attack behavior for black bears. 

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) placed large bear live traps in the area.

Residents were told to report bear sightings.

On Saturday evening, a Selma Township resident who lives only two miles from where Abby was attacked, discovered a bear near dumpsters at his home.

The citizen must have been armed, because when he retreated toward his house, and the bear aggressively followed him, he shot it.

He reported the situation to the DNR.  Two officers showed up a little before midnight.

The bear must have been severely or mortally wounded, because the two officers were able to track the bear in the dark and finish it off at about 2:45 am.

Abby Wetherell underwent surgery and was released from the hospital on Sunday.

The bear will be tested for DNA to see if it matches hair found at the scene of the attack on Abby, and will be tested for rabies and other diseases.

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Update: The bear was chased off of Abby by both a neighbor and Abby's father, not just by the neighbor. 

Update2: Saw an interview of Abby on CNN.  The bear was not chased off by the neighbor and father, but left for a bit, and Abby was able to self-rescue by walking back toward her home.

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