Tuesday, August 20, 2013

AK:Hunters Killed Bear that Attacked one of their Party

The bear was known to the hunters, and had even been given a name.  It was shot when it advanced on their camp after the attack. The caribou had been shot by the hunting party that Mr. Tuttle was with.  More details will emerge, I am sure.   

 I wonder if he was armed when he was attacked.    From citytalk:

Mr Tuttle told Mr Bowerfind he was walking to the caribou carcass when the bear attacked him on Alaska's remote Brooks Range.

"The only thing he remembers is hearing a grunt and a grumble from the brush, and as he turned he said she was right on top of him," Mr Bowerfind recounted.

The bear batted at Mr Tuttle, then walked away only to charge again in a second attack that appeared to inflict most of the injuries, Mr Bowerfind said.
Fortunately, there was a medical professional at the camp who is credited with saving Mr. Tuttle's life. 

Dean Weingarten

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