Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WV:Assault weapon-wielding supporters rally for suspended Gilberton chief

This is an interesting story.  I doubt that a West Virginia town council is going to listen to an ultra liberal gun control organization to decide policy.  It appears that Cheif Kessler has quite a bit of local support, and they are not shy about it.

Photo by Chris Knight

An anti-gun organization doesn't believe a 30-day suspension is adequate punishment for Gilberton police Chief Mark Kessler, so it invested in a "Fire Kessler" billboard near Route 61.
But on Saturday, less than a week after the Washington, D.C.-based Coalition to Stop Gun Violence paid for the billboard, a group of about 40 gun-toting Kessler supporters, some wielding assault weapons, rallied in front of the billboard.

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