Saturday, December 06, 2014

Gun Rundown Project Gets No Support

This attempt to obtain Kickstarter funds for a project with a gun control flavor failed to gather any support.  Only $10 was pledged.  I suspect that Chad Surges put that in as "seed" money.    At the end of 30 days, no one else was interested.   Perhaps Chad believed the absurd "90% are for background checks" claim of the disarmists.   I am not certain, and I hold no animus toward Chad Surges.

Chad seems like an interesting and upcoming web site designer.  At first, I thought his name was a play on the 2000 elections, but Chad is a real person.  He showed ingenuity and considerable thought with this Kickstarter project, and I suspect that he will be going places.   He also seems like a good prospect as a gun culture recruit.   He thinks.   He is interested in facts.  He likes motorcycles.  I suspect that no one has taken him to a range, because he lives in Chicago.    I tried to contact Chad through the Gun Rundown Project email, but the project had already been running for three weeks with no support.  He may have given up on checking the email box.

Once Chad discovers that the disarmists only have emotion, distortion, and failed theories on their side, he is likely to come on over.  Join the conversation, Chad.

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