Thursday, December 04, 2014

MI: Detroit Open Carry, Hip and Cool

An open carry group in Michigan has done a remarkable thing.  True, they built on the accomplishments of a great many before them.   They have made the open carry of long guns in Detroit cool and hip on an MSNBC video.

Here is a link to the video:

The video is done by Ronan Farrow, featuring 22 year-old activist James Baker.  He is well spoken, photogenic, and persuasive.  He and a couple of other people formed the group, Hell's Saints, in July of 2014.  He comes across as cool and hip.  He narrates much of the video.   He reminds me of Cody Wilson, of 3D printed firearms fame.  From
They're know as the Hell's Saints, a Detroit-area-based group who travel the state and make planned walks displaying handguns on their hips and rifles slung over their shoulders.

The stated goal: to educate citizens about their Second Amendment right to openly carry firearms.

The "optics" are good.  The open carriers come across as safe, dedicated, and outside the "establishment".   Some police come to investigate the open carriers as they walk along.  A police officer states that they know of the open carriers, and understand their rights.   The group is unmolested, and continues their walk.  The police never draw any weapons, and never required anyone to disarm.  The message is clear: You have the right, and the police cannot take it from you.  A female member of the group remarks that the police time could be spent in better ways.

The group is multi-racial.  It practically screams; urban, cool, and hip.

The Statements that are printed on the screen are positive and informative.  The last message is that open carry of handguns is legal in 44 states, 13 of which require a permit.

Combined with Police Chief Craig's endorsements of using firearms for self defense, this is a potent message to the people of Detroit.   While MSNBC's viewership is small, the video is on the net and may go viral.

This video will be a powerful tool for open carry groups across the nation.  I would not be surprised if it were shown to all the legislators in Texas, Florida, and South Carolina, which are on the front line of the open carry movement.  Texas is expected to pass an open carry bill in 2015.  This video could make a difference in what kind they pass.   When Texas becomes an open carry state, there will be more states with "constitutional carry" than there will be that ban open carry.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Ohio is open carry, but here they shoot first.

Cleveland killer cop that shot and killed kid with BB gun, emotionally unstable, cop resigns.

ABC News said they never looked at his former police dept. record, broke down and cried at firing range.

Cleveland police never reviewed officer's Independence personnel file