Friday, December 05, 2014

NY:How New York Confiscates Guns

Under the "Safe Act" New York State can confiscate guns without any notice or appeal process, according to this article.  From
They then file a report, which in Jefferson County is sent to county Community Services.

"We review it, confirm that the license is indeed appropriate and that the case meets the criteria of the SAFE Act," said Director of Jefferson County Community Services Roger Ambrose.

Once they've verified the report, it's sent to Albany.

From there, State Police find out if the person identified has a gun permit.

If he or she does, police present their findings to the local county court judge.

The judge decides whether or not to suspend or revoke the permit and has local law enforcement confiscate the guns.

What important thing that is left out of this bureaucratic process?  The victim of it all.  Pure bureaucratic fiat.  Where is the chance for the citizen to contest facts or file an appeal?  Suddenly, without warning, police show up at his residence demanding that he turn over his guns and his Constitutional rights.

The State decided that he or she should no longer posses guns.  They knew who to target because of gun registration, but the victim of the process never had a chance to contest what might be a frivolous statement, one taken out of context, or one maliciously filed for personal or political reasons. 

The police just show up, and demand that you turn over your guns and constitutional rights.  No hearing, no notice, no due process.

New York is living up to its title of "The Empire State".

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