Friday, October 07, 2016

MI: Woman Fails to Control Pit/Lab mix: Dog Shot on Neighbors Property

The neighbor told police the dog jumped the fence and aggressively charged at him, so he ran to his shed for safety, then went into the house to get his gun.

That doesn't sit well with Lauren and Michael. They do admit Aurora has jumped the fence into their neighbors yard a few times before, they knew their neighbor was getting annoyed, but they never thought he'd pull a gun.

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Anonymous said...

My German Shepard has the greatest personality for a big dog. she runs up to people to say high and get petted she thinks everyone should lover her and be willing to make friends. She very rarely leaves the yard and she knows when she is being scolded for doing so. she puts her head down and looks very apologetic. she is 4 years old and acts just like a 3 year old child when she has to be corrected. but in a few minutes she is back for attention. I do not have a fence but she knows where the property line is. I never let her out that I am not with her. but if I'm not paying her enough attention sometimes she starts to wonder. If she is interested in what I'm doing sometimes she gets stepped on she stays so close to me. I was melting lead alloy on an out side work bench and she had to assist me by laying under the work bench. lays down beside me when I am sorting things. so far I have not been able to stop her from barking at the wind made noises. Nobody gets close to the house that she does not go on alert. I do not know how she would act if I were being attacked, but I hope nobody ever has to find out. she eats everything I do but I'm not a cannibal. she always wants her share followed by her favorite dog treats. I can not stop her from being shot or hurt off my property. I wont have a dog that bites. she loves kids. anyone hurts her on my property will need serious attention or burial.