Wednesday, February 01, 2017

ND: Chances for Constitutional Carry?

North Dakota is considering a permitless, or "Constitutional" carry bill. The sponsor is Representative Rick Becker (R-Bismarck).  The bill is HB 1169, and was heard in the House Energy & Natural Resources Committee. The vote in the committee is likely this week.

 From Representative Becker's facebook page on January 26, 2017:
We had a great hearing today for HB 1169, the constitutional carry bill.

There were about 10 articulate, impassioned advocates speaking in favor, plus many more supporting in attendance. There were only 3 against, most of whom employed the oft-touted emotionalism that gun control advocates often do. Lawmakers, as hard as it can be, must use reason and facts to design law, not emotions.
The bill is 10 pages long, and mostly consists of wording to neuter or repeal numerous sections of current North Dakota law that restrict the bearing of arms.  Agweek published a short explanation of the bill. From
Perhaps the most contentious piece of legislation heard Thursday was the so-called "constitutional carry" bill, introduced by Rep. Rick Becker, R-Bismarck. That bill would make it legal for people who are at least 21 years old to carry a concealed firearm without a permit in North Dakota, as long as the carrier is not otherwise prohibited to do so by law.
 North Dakota is one of 25 political trifectas in the United States, where the Republican party has control of both houses of the legislature and the governorship.  In North Dakota, Republicans have 38 seats in the Senate, Democrats have 9.  In the House, Republicans have 81 seats, Democrats have 13.

Governor Dick Burgum was elected in 2016, replacing fellow Republican Jack Dalrymple.   Internet searches did not find any statements either in support or opposition to Constitutional carry.

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Anonymous said...

I think with the continuing turmoil in Washington DC. there are going to be some major upsets in the near future, from gun control issues to immigration and sanctuary cities. Trump claims to be a constitutionalist and I certainly hope he is. On gun control there is no states rights issue. San Francisco is arguing the 10th amendment for their stand on sanctuary cities just like so many argue on gun rights. the trouble is they have no understanding of the 10th amendment. decades of ignorance is popping up every where now that a constitutionalist is in charge. for me it is both a thrilling experience and an exasperating one. If people would take the time to actually read the constitution we could save a lot of time, money and effort in restoring what the constitution actually says and requires. decades have passed with the incompetence of political hacks running everything. Now we have a chance to see what real constitution limitations are on government at every level. I have not taken the time to count the words in the 10th amendment but I know the important words are there. I know the supreme court rulings are there that back up most of the facts displayed in the constitution. Gun rights are a federal issue, Immigration is a federal issue. what will upset a lot of the pot heads is MJ is a federal issue. the president's authority is a federal issue. So far he has not gone nearly far enough with the power he has constitutionally. what he is doing Is enforcing laws that have been on the books for decades and are being ignored by the trash that has been destroying our constitution for decades.

When I was younger reading law was extremely boring, Now at my age I am so happy I have studied the constitution and the laws of this nation, now I can have some meaningful input because I actually know what I am talking about and so many others have no capacity to begin to understand. Our government was not wished into existence it was fought for, real blood and lots of it was spilled. a lot of laws have been passed by people that faint at the sight of blood. Watch what happens if Trump pulls the pin on the sedition act. You can lose your citizenship if convicted of sedition. the very reason the federal government exists is to protect this country and it's citizens from out side or inside threats.

No other country, Not NATO Not the UN, not even the world court or treaties have any power over our constitution, treaties are void if they violate our constitution. this is why the small arms treaty pushed by OZERO would not have had any effect on our second amendment. we are the only nation in the world that has a constitution superior to any other law. Our constitution is the supreme law of this land and only it can be enforced on the citizens of this nation. No one has a right to be here or enter from somewhere else. Our federal gun laws and immigration laws are superior to any other authority on this planet. the prohibition on infringing laws is superior even to acts passed by congress, acts are not ratified amendments.
Our Bill of Rights belongs to legal citizens and no one else. the value in being an American citizen is the protection of that constitution against everything outside of our borders and anything or any body we need to get rid of that might be here. I could give a huge tinkers damn less how many do not like the power of our constitution.

Anonymous said...

If there is any thing I hate it is compromise legislation. compromise legislation is allowing something to exist that should not exist to get something there should be no question about needing to exist. and usually the bad cancels out the good. Democraps and liberals are experts at compromise legislation. they have nothing to offer and do not want to look useless even if they are. if we were arguing the value of silencers they would counter with the explosive power of pinto beans.