Saturday, May 06, 2017

Follow up IN: No Charges for Woman who Shot Man Attacking Officer

(Ohio County, Ind.) – No charges will be filed against a woman who fatally shot a man attacking an Indiana Conservation Officer, the Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutors Office announced Wednesday.

“After reviewing the applicable Indiana Code and the completed investigation from the Indiana State Police, along with consulting with the Indiana State Police Detectives involved, it is my decision not to pursue any criminal proceedings against the female who acted in defense of a third person, Conservation Officer (Chris) Powell,” said prosecutor Lynn Deddens in a news release.

The shooting – which made many headlines – transpired on February 20 on State Road 56 in Ohio County. Just after noon that day, a resident called 911 to report “a very disheveled” young male in a pickup truck parked partially in the caller’s driveway and in a lane on the highway.

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