Sunday, July 16, 2017

Australia: Man Fights Armed Robbers with Cricket Bat

In Australia, self defense is not considered a legal reason to own a gun. In the case below, the store owners had to resort to a Cricket bat to defend themselves and their property. The son ended in the hospital with multiple knife wounds.

The business was once again targeted just four days later when three men entered the store armed with a knife and an imitation gun on Wednesday night. They stole cash and alcohol before leaving on foot.

But this time, 29-year-old Lavi Arora confronted the alleged offenders with a cricket bat. Even as he received multiple stab wounds and was bleeding from his back, chest and stomach, he gave the robbers a chase with other staff. Two other staff at the store also received minor injuries as a result of the affray.

Lavi was hospitalised for treatment of his stab wounds.

Mr Arora says these were the same group of men who robbed his store last week.
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