Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Gun Promotion - Get a Roof, Get a Gun

In the Video below, the WeatherprooF Roofing and Exteriors company is offering guns as an inducement for purchasing their products.  With the final payment for a roof replacement and exterior repairs due to a hail or wind storm, you get a "free" gun.

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From goweatherproof.com
Why are we giving away AR 15s with every completed roof and exterior home repair? Because it symbolizes, at our core, who we are; True American Patriots. Just like the AR 15 we’re promoting, our roofs are built for Americans, by Americans. We chose the AR 15 for this promotion because, for patriots like us, its true representation is the high cost of freedom we enjoy in these United States.

The natural question is, “Why give an AR 15 to civilians?” The answer is found in the beliefs that shaped our nation by our founding fathers; that a well-armed population is the best defense for protecting your life, liberty and happiness.

The leaders of Weatherproof Roofing & Exteriors are Bible-believing, gun-owning patriots that believe gun ownership is both a privilege and a right.
There is a long history of using guns as an inducement to sell products in the United States. In San Francisco, in 1887, the San Francisco Chronicle gave away free .38 caliber revolvers with newspaper subscriptions. Guns have been given away for opening bank accounts and for buying trucks and cars

The gun promotions always seem to work well. There are far more people who value and want guns than there are people who are turned off by gun promotions.

Every gun promotion that I have investigated has been a greater success than the promoter thought it would be. There are numerous reasons for this success.

It is usually better to be a contrarian, doing something that makes you stand out from the crowd. A gun promotion fits this criteria, giving the marketer significant publicity for free. In addition, the popularity of guns has been downplayed by the Establishment media. This gives those who go against the narrative that "guns are bad" an advantage, because they appeal to the large majority of Americans who believe, contrary to the narrative, that guns are valuable, and thus, good.

Weatherproof Roofing has a winner with this promotion.  The promotion has been so successful that the business is in the process of expanding his company.

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