Sunday, July 09, 2017

C.J. Grishem's Guns Finally Returned (Founder of Open Carry Texas)

C.J. Grisham fought for, and passed, open carry legislation in Texas, partially restoring a right infringed on for more than 147 years.

The weapons seized more than four years ago from Temple resident C.J. Grisham after his arrest by the Temple Police Department were finally returned to him Friday.

A video by Grisham’s son of the arrest went viral in the case that gained national attention and sparked the founding by Grisham of Open Carry Texas, a gun rights activist group.

The guns and ammunition were picked up at the Bell County Sheriff’s Department, which was one of the entities contacted in December 2013 that claimed it didn’t have the guns.

“I’m relieved that after 1,567 days, I finally have the guns back that were stolen from me by Temple Police Department on a back country road where I was minding my own business,” Gri­sham said Wednesday.

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