Monday, July 31, 2017

MI: Livonia Utility Worker Shoots, Kills Family Dog

"The next thing I heard was pop, a gun shot," he said.

And when he saw Katie, her lifeless body was on the ground in the family yard. Doug says a utility worker at the house next door told him it was in self-defense.

"(He said) 'Well your dog lunged at me, I felt threatened.' At a dog not on property?" Eiben said. "You got a 2-foot radius for the dog before it reaches the invisible fence line and the dog knows its boundaries."
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Anonymous said...

My German Shepard is five years old she barks at everything. she has never bitten anyone she might drown you with her tongue if you pet her. any one shoots my dog on my property is going to test the self defense laws when it comes to protecting property. he would not shoot any one else's dog. My dog is family. shoot her and get shot. I put my dog on a leash when we leave the yard. I have no complaint if she gets out of the yard but on my property she had better be safe. any intelligent person should be able to tell when a dog is in a vicious attack.

Chris Weingarten said...

I know from experience that here in Texas, the utility people ask first. They ask if there's a dog so the dog can be brought in. They ask about the neighbors pets too.
Don't know what the utility worker was doing, that he wouldn't answer questions or provide ID seems suspect.
They're suppose to have some form of ID on them, for the homeowner's protection, to identify that they are indeed utility people and not robbers or home invaders. SomeONE might get shot otherwise.