Monday, July 10, 2017

TX: Coffee Shop Plans to cater to Second Amendment Supporters

A coffee shop that caters to Second Amendment Supporters and armed customers is hoping to open in 2018. So far it is only a web site with an online store that sells ground coffee and T-shirts.  They are seeking investors, if you are  interested.

Here is a description of the proposed enterprise, from their web site. From
To us, Operator Coffee is more than a coffee shop, it's a cause. We are a group of airborne veterans, special operations veterans, and active members of the shooting community. The idea for Operator Coffee was born out of a love for quality coffee and the desire for a way to get veterans and shooters together. When veterans leave the military it is easy for depression to set in. The loss of military and combat brotherhood, combined with a belief in being misunderstood by the civilian world can be overwhelming. With veteran suicide on the rise, we want to create a place for veterans to get together, reestablish that bond, and seek support from brothers and like minded individuals. Operator Coffee isn't just for vets though, everyone in the 2a community is welcome to join in the fun. Our goal is to become the family favorite for all second amendment supporting citizens. Join us as we build a coffee company that supports the second amendment, veterans, law enforcement, and traditional conservative values.
It might become a competitor to the VFW, without the requirement that you have served overseas.  At present, it appears to be another interesting idea seeking financial backing.

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