Sunday, July 09, 2017

ME: Harvey Lembo will not be Prosecuted for Using Russian Nagant Revolver

Harvey Lembo, a Rockland resident who shot an intruder who broke into his apartment in an attempt to rob him, will not be prosecuted, according to the Knox County District Attorney.

Lembo, 69, shot Christopher Wildhaber, 47, during the Aug. 31, 2015 attempted burglary at Park Place apartments. Lembo, who is disabled, had bought the 7 mm Russian-made handgun that he used to shoot Wildhaber just days before the attempted burglary. Lembo said he purchased the gun because his apartment had been broken into three times previously.

“The Knox County Office of the District Attorney has reviewed this matter, and we have declined prosecution,” District Attorney Jonathan Liberman said in a July 6 email.
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