Friday, July 21, 2017

VA: Armed Citizens Assist Police in Capturing Carjacking Suspect

“ I jumped out of my truck with my pistol and yelled at the man to get down. He was yelling, ‘ I need help!’ I knew who he was, and I probably used some words you can’t print,” Morgan said. “ I just kept yelling, ‘ Get down on the ground!’” Morgan said he fired a shot into the ground both to scare the fugitive as well as let Warfield and Dulaney know there was trouble.

“ Out in the field, I had no idea what was happening up the hill.”

Dulaney, 48, was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, relaying exactlywhat was happening. Warfield had grabbed his rifle and was sprinting toward Morgan, who had the suspect on the ground.

“ The guy looked desperate,” Morgan said. “ He looked like he was going totake a chance and run.”

The three men said they were stunned to see the fugitive make the decision torun. “ By then, we had two guns on him, and we could see he had no weapon,” said Warfield, noting the suspect was only wearing shorts, which were falling down, “ and he had nothing in hishands.” Warfield said, “ We did not want to shoot anyone, but when he ran, I knew we needed to protect our neighbors.”
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