Friday, July 21, 2017

Where We Disagree- the divergent opinions between gun owners and non-gun owners

Excellent essay by Rob Morse.  Good job, Rob.

Legal gun ownership is heavily regulated in the United States.  Protecting our rights is not necessary when we agree.  It becomes essential to protect a minority view, and gun owners are a minority here in the US.  Pew research conducted a series of interviews last month.  They released reports on the opinions of gun owners and non-gun owners.  Here are where gun owners and non-owners disagree based on recent polling data.

The urban/rural divide-

Gun-culture 2.0 is centered around self-defense rather than hunting.  That motivation has grown in recent years but there is still a large urban/rural divide in gun ownership and the attitude towards firearms.  Most rural households have a gun.  Urban households with a gun remain a minority. You’re almost twice as likely to live with a gun in your home if you live in the country as opposed to the city.  There are similarities.  A majority of gun owners in both settings have a loaded gun easily accessible.  

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. I try, yet I do a fraction of what you accomplish.
Thank you for all you do.

Anonymous said...

One thing I think is wrong in this report, gun owners in this country are not in the minority. Lots of guns exist before the 1934 NFA, that number grew massively before the 1968 GCA remember each of these new laws as unconstitutional as they are get publicity before they are passed by the time the 1986 GCA was passed many more people were getting concerned about gun confiscations and by the last election there was panic buying. I was talking guns with someone I met at the VA yesterday. He was telling me about an antique ,44 caliber revolver he has that was handed down through the family. I know the location of a wagon load of civil war weapons. I would live to go after them. could be a case of walker colts. I have heard that a walker colt in fine condition is worth about 100k, the weapons I'm talking about are in factory wrapping. a re supply wagon to one of the Arizona Forts at the beginning of the civil war. I think I have every thing I need to go get them but no fun going my knowledge no one has recovered them yet.