Friday, May 25, 2018

AL: Gunfight, Car Burglary Suspect and Victim Trade Shots

She says she asked him what he was doing. “I told him to stop. He didn’t respond. He kept running. That’s when I fired the two shots,” said Graves.

Graves missed and the man took off running. She followed in her truck and said she chased him approximately ten miles.

At one point he stopped, got out, and fired a couple of shots in her direction.
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Anonymous said...

Never trade shots. You never know which shot will hit you. If you have to shoot, shoot to stop the other person from being able to shoot again. dead people rarely return fire. When you have to fire in self defense that means the other person the attacker was trying to kill you. very few attackers have it in their mind to just wound you for practice.

Anonymous said...

You never see an advertisement from a potential attacker asking people to volunteer to be robbed and slightly wounded. the robbers are usually cowards that carry to make sure they get what they want because they are too useless and lazy to work for it. Those types are rarely expert marks men. If they are to lazy to work for a living they are usually to lazy to practice and would never spend the money on practice ammo. shoot them dead and do society a favor.