Monday, May 21, 2018

Encountering a Liberal Second Amendment Supporter in Deep Blue Madison, Wisconsin

I have been busy helping pick up the pieces after the death of a friend of 48 years. For the last few days, I ate breakfast at a McDonalds in Middleton, Wisconsin, part of the far left liberal environs centered around Dane County and Madison, Wisconsin.  My friend had lived most of his life in Madison and Middleton. He was a lifelong Second Amendment supporter, lifetime master pistol shooter, and a mentor.

At the McDonalds, I struck up conversation with a gentleman who I suspected to be a liberal. We had a connection because he was searching for information on friends who had recently died in Australia. I had recently been in Australia and have investigative experience.

I said I was a writer. On the second day, he asked what I wrote. I described Gun Watch. His demeanor softened a little. He described himself as a liberal gun owner.

The third day, he introduced his wife. They both had Wisconsin concealed carry permits. He showed a video of using tannerite to recreationally blow up targets in Northern Wisconsin. He introduced me to another member of his McDonalds breakfast group who was a retired Navy Captain.

Even in deep blue Madison, Wisconsin, there are significant numbers of Second Amendment supporters. Many of them are keeping their heads down because they believe they are surrounded by anti-Second Amendment leftists.

What they do in the polling booth may be different than what they admit to in public.

They may be part of the invisible Trump voters who helped put President Trump over the top in Wisconsin and other mid-west states.

Was my new found acquaintance one of them? It is hard to say. He sounded as though he had an open mind. He is bright. He is informed. Could he have voted against Hillary?

It seems likely to me.

It was obvious to both of us that he did not want his picture associated with this article. I said I expected he did not want his picture taken. He said I was exactly correct. He took mine, instead.

Second Amendment supporters in deep blue areas fear becoming known publicly. Social Justice Warriors often wish them harm. 

These people may support Second Amendment candidates.  Other Second Amendment supporters should encourage them to, at minimum, vote to protect the Bill of Rights.

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ExpatNJ said...

Nicely done, Dean.
Now THAT is true journalism.

Matt(TX) said...

If you vote democrat, you are not a 2nd Amendment supporter. you are voting to take away gun rights.