Saturday, May 12, 2018

CA: Two Dogs Kill Four Goats and Eight Chickens Before being Shot by Neigh

On Thursday, John Bates had four more goats and eight more chickens than he has today. That's because two Malamute-mix dogs ran four miles form their home, ran onto Bates' property and killed the animals.
As the attack happened, his neighbor on Baxter County Road 511 in the Midway area grabbed a .30-.30 caliber rifle and shot the two dogs dead as they continued to attack the livestock.


Bates was surprised when his neighbor called to tell him what happened. Perhaps the biggest surprise for Bates, who moved here from another state, was that his neighbor shot the dogs.

"I had no idea you could shoot a vicious dog out in the county," Bates said. "After this attack, you can bet I'll have a rifle handy every time I'm here."

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