Saturday, May 12, 2018

Followup MO: Charges Against Nathan Weter Dismissed in Ryan Howard Shooting

"The next thing on the video is you and Mr. Weter on the ground struggling and fighting," the letter said. "You are able to get up but then continue to attack Mr. Weter. After about a minute he pulls his gun out and shoots you."

The letter said it's not clear what prompted the fight.

"It is clear that one point you repeatedly attacked him and that there were other people present in close proximity," Selby wrote.

According to the letter, the evidence showed Weter was acting in self-defense and was justified in using deadly force.

"I believe that evidence at trial would show that you made statements prior to the shooting that you had a gun, that there was something in your pocket that could have been construed as appearing to be a weapon, that both before and after you were shot you made statements about killing somebody, and that you acted in an aggressive manner towards Mr. Weter and others," Selby wrote.
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