Sunday, May 27, 2018

Texas AG Proposes Israeli Solution to School Mass Killing

America is once again reeling from yet another deadly mass shooting. The victims at Santa Fe High School were taken from us too soon, and the prayers of Texas and the nation are with their families. There is something especially haunting about a killer targeting a school, where parents send their children on the assumption that they will be safe as they learn. Experience is a hard teacher, and with 2018’s second major school shooting behind us, its lesson is clear: We must secure our schools.

All over the country, schools lack security measures of any consequence — not enough armed personnel, few safety protocols and insufficient entryway monitoring. No federal government agency, airport or congressional office building would tolerate such vulnerability, so why the resistance to outfitting schools with the same level of security?

American policymakers should look to Israel for guidance. Living constantly with the threat of terrorism, Israel solved the problem of school security long ago by hardening the target and tightening security practices. Every school with 100 or more students has at least one well-trained armed guard stationed at entrances to monitor who comes and goes.

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Anonymous said...

None of these dumb ass solutions are near effective enough. one armed person at the door BooM, Now that the door way is blocked with a dead body who is left to defend the place. How long does it take to identify where the shooting is going on then how long does it take to get to the scene. then Identify the shooter. It is like calling the cops. when seconds count the cops are only minutes away. someone walks into a room carrying a gun that should not be there. You draw fire and stop the first shot. Not too many shooters are there to carry on a discussion of who or why they are going to start shooting. Proper etiquettes with a gun does not include walking into a rook with it in a ready to fire position pointing it at any one. My Dad told me when I was a kid you never point even an empty gun at any one for any reason the only people you point a gun at is someone you intend to kill. time for talk is over.